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Hello Mr./Mrs. Tourist. Welcome to Holland with tulips and… wakeboarding! Yes Wakeboarding! Because that is what we also do very good, besides growing tulips. Or building windmills. Or making wooden cloggs.

If you drive through the polder, you will notice the beautiful flowerfields for the Keukenhof. You know, that is a nice expo for our flower industry. But flowers need water. And the Winching Dutchmen and their #popupwinchpark are just the thing for this.

The action was captured by Aerial Footage Holland and they produced this very nice clip:

Does this look something like you’d want to do yourself? Fortenately that is now possible, so you can wakeboard in all of Holland with a #popupwinchpark. It’s our soon-to-be next-big-export-product. So be there, at Winching Dutchmen.

Looking for wakeboarding on a cable or behind a boat? Go to http://wakeboardnederland.nl for all sites and locations.